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A mobile-fast-paced platformer with an objective to reach as far as you can by uncovering the hidden environment using your colourful body!

Move, jump and bump into any surface to reveal all of your surroundings!

There are checkpoints you have to aim for in order to keep going. As you move, your life starts depleting fast! But if you can reach the checkpoint, your life fills up!

As you progress the environment will become harder and harder introducing traps and other hidden surprises along the way!

You can also double jump which sprays a blast of paint all around the player, so with concentration,persistence and careful movement, you may see yourself on top of our high scoring leaderboards!

- Endless fun with randomly generated levels.
- High score leaderboards so you can battle for that no.1 spot!

- Warm RELAXING soundtrack composed by Matthew Harnage!

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