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Tap, Click, Bang - tap and click your way to success by producing different quality types of bullets as you progress.

Move on up - Level up and earn rewards as you progress, from tokens to more upgrades, tapping levels you up so be prepared for aching thumbs, may the most taps win.

Research and Development - Invest your hard earned tapped out cash from your bullets into increasing your products value and also how you go about securing your future growth.

It's the Sound - Invest into keeping your notoriety low, or try to make big bucks fast and ignore the rules, but watch out, the law enforcement want to see you burn. in fact everyone not on your payroll does.

RunnerBoard - See who has the most men, cash and bullets by looking on the leaderboards.

Simplistic UI - Clean and simple the UI was designed around texted based adventure games so that those who only care about the stats and management can stay in control of stats and management

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