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MEGA MUSEUM - Lead Programmer

Over 130,000 installs on Google Play. As the sole programmer, I had to implement all game play mechanics and features such as:

• Finding the artifacts (match 2 of the same card referenced from the memory card game ‘Pairs').

• Maintaining variables for incremental stats changes (gaining coins and items)

• Retention techniques (Daily rewards/bonuses for returning the next day that builds up)

• Integrating In-App Purchases (Techniques that would give the player shortcuts for progression)

• Facebook integration (Allows the player to invite and share the game amongst friends)

PRISON PAYBACK - Lead Programmer

Payback's a B****

Provide some PAYBACK on the guards for all the hassle they've given you in this cute little top down beat'em/shoot'em up.


THE WANDERER - Lead Developer

 a text based post-apocalyptic survival. As the sole developer I had to take on all aspects of game development such as:

• Incremental variables (Day count, Items found, Survivor Points)

• Random events (events that may or may not affect player progression)

• AI fight scenes (events that require the player to use their stats and items to counter the attacks from unwanted visitors)

• Retention techniques (Daily rewards/bonuses for returning the next day that builds up)

• Advert integration (Reward adverts that give the player a supply crate full of items as a reward)

GUN RUNNER - Lead Programmer

Become a GUN RUNNER, amass an empire to become the boss of bullets and weaponry.

THE MAZE - Lead Developer

Move through the maze trying to survive against increasingly difficult hidden enemies.

Upgrade yourself to last as long as possible.

COLOUR RUSH - Lead Programmer

A mobile-fast-paced platformer with an objective to reach as far as you can by uncovering the hidden environment using your colourful body!

 - featured on Newgrounds!

FACTORY FRENZY - Lead Developer

Build toys and create a fun factory! Play factory frenzy which gets progressively harder every round.
Each round you are challenged to build a new toy. The faster and more accurately you complete the round the more points you get.

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